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My Friends were loyal

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I used to live down that street. Armando pointed to a darkened cluster of trailers whose white washed siding reflected the yellow light coming from the local taco joint. “How long did you live there?” I asked, “Couple of months. We moved every three months or so when I was a kid. Dad was in prison, and we would live someplace until the bill collectors caught up with us, then we would move again.” “Burrito with Carne Asada” came the call from the window. Armando grabbed the food and we jumped in my truck. We were on our way to the group home Armando now stayed at. “My friends were the only ones that were loyal.”

With clarity Armando’s story started to come into focus. His peer group had been one of the only stable parts of his life, and also the main reason Armando spent most of his young life in detention. Peers provided the community and stability in a life defined by instability.

That is why Turning Point of the City is asking local churches to join us in providing the stability and community these youth need when they are released from detention. If you know of or attend a local church that would be willing to step out and provide the community one of the youth we work with needs, please contact us! We will provide the training and all necessary support to help you connect with a small group of youth who need you!

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