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I knew it was coming

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I knew it was coming…if I would have just stood there I don’t think it would have hit me…

Michael lifted his pant leg and showed me where the bullet had exited, a gaping scar right above the support brace he now has to wear. “ “The girl with me as I was leaving school saved my life. She grabbed a belt and made a tourniquet above the wound…”

His words trailed off and Michael was staring into the distance, recalling a day that happened a year ago. “…But I’m through with that life now, no one wins in that kind of life.”

Michael’s story and resolve to leave “that life” behind is not unique. Unfortunately it is harder than it appears. Personally I have seen many promising young men loose their future or life to prison or gang related violence. Statistically young men like Michael have a 65% chance of returning to a life that leads to prison or death, often making critical decisions towards that future within two weeks upon release.

That is why Turning Point of the City is focused on the two week transition period of youth. If a youth can be enrolled in school and make meaningful contact with a church community during their two week transition period, the chances of returning to that life can drop by 75%.

Next month you will be able to meet Tim (one of the youth we have transitioned with) and see how the sports program, school, and community support have affected him. Thank you for your continued support of TPC! Your prayers and gifts change lives!

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