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Maybe God has a plan for you

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

“I missed a shift that threw my mustang into a barrier… I remember hearing the word ‘Fire’ and crawling out. Not 10 seconds later the car burst into flames.” Trenton was relaying how his day at the local race track went over coffee. I don’t know how I got out in time…I still have nightmares about it.”

“Maybe God was protecting you, and if that is the case, maybe He has a plan for you and your life. Perhaps you should consider that.

His girlfriend nodded in agreement while Trenton processed what I had said. For most of our youth, life seems harsh with lucky chances being the only thing that separates those who make it and those who do not.

Time and again the youth have been told they are alone and unwanted. The idea that there is “someone” out there who loves him and is actively involved with Trenton’s life is something that scares him, but is vital for him to hear.

By your support of the ministry of TPC, you are helping youth like Trenton know that there is a God who loves them and has a plan for them. Thank you for your continued support of the ministry of Turning Point of the City!

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