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Updated: Aug 22, 2019

What if we could reach the perpetrators of crime and violence while they are still young? What if negative leadership, a systematic issue in the inner city, could be addressed by reaching the young urban leaders? These leaders are hard to find, and often are not found in drop-in centers, regular schools or community based programs. They are usually found in some phase of the correctional system.

These youth are notoriously hard to reach, standoffish, slow to trust and have a feared reputation. On the streets they are usually violent and thrive on the fear of others. Other ministries make it their mission to stand against these perpetrators of violence. But these perpetrators were once youth at a point of crisis, and we believe that when they are intersected by the love of Christ and integrated into carefully composed programming, their lives and neighborhoods can radically change for the greater good.

Sadonte, by his own admission, was headed down the wrong path. He worked at having a fearsome reputation until a point of crisis resulted in his detention in a juvenile facility. That is when Turning Point of the City met him. It was there that Sadonte was able to engage in our Therapeutic Sports Performance Program. This program is specifically engineered to cultivate trust quickly, be a practical benefit, and serve as a catalyst for pro-social behavior when youth return to their community.

During the six months Sadonte participated with us, he grew physically faster, learned how to commit to something positive, and how true leadership is started by following the right people. When Sadonte was released, his life changed. He joined the local football program, went to practice every day and stopped hanging around negative influences. He kept up his grades and earned a spot on the varsity football team.

What if there was a program that could impact young perpetrators of crime who find their identity in continuing a cycle of crime and poverty? What if we could change that identity by gaining access to them in practical ways, fostering trust and sharing Christ's love?

We believe the hope for the inner city rests in these young leaders, because we have found that if we can reach one leader, like Sadonte, 30 other inner city youth will follow his example. This amazing ratio grants us immediate access to multiple youth and neighborhoods in Denver.

Help us reproduce successful access points within a young perpetrators life, mobilize the local church to have a presence in difficult communities and support these youth leaders. Help us reach the "Sadonte's" of the inner city by donating today.

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