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Alex the Cycle Breaker

“I don’t know about my driving instructor; I think he will fail me…” “I don’t know Alex…I have a good feeling about him. You want the guy who mutters to himself in another language, acts a bit cranky, and purposely sits away from the other instructors.”

Settling into the waiting room I watched Alex walk out the door for his second attempt to get a driver’s license. (Made possible by your generous December gifts :) Fifteen minutes later...


Continued from the email Alex walked in with a smile and a thumbs up from the driving instructor.  Alex now has a license, job, car, girlfriend, and is going to school to take welding this fall. As a result of meaningful employment and graduating high school, Alex’s chances of being incarcerated in the future have dropped by 75%. (An unfortunate cycle that many in his family have been unable to break. Your involvement in the ministry of TPC changes the lives of youth in some of the most challenging of life circumstances. Because you care we are able to help bring hope and a future to kids that are on the fringes of society. Thank you for making a difference!

Alex showing off his temporary license right after leaving the DMV

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