The Problem
No clear alternative life path for youth who are involved in juvenile crime.

A young life spent in crime and poverty is an empty life...

A Generation Lost In the System

Youth who are perpetually involved in the juvenile system are falling through the cracks. Outside of recommitting criminal activity, one of the largest contributors to recidivism is a violation of probation.

Neighborhoods Lost to Gangs, Drugs, and Violence

The youth of the inner cities are becoming increasingly unreachable. When neighborhoods lose positive communities, the cycle of crime and violence is cultivated by honoring survival instincts, discouraging school attendance, and frustrating concentrated efforts for positive help. 

This can be addressed through strategic efforts to unify and collaborate with nonprofit organizations, active recruitment, and re-engagement of faith-based communities, and cultural training.

Wasted Leadership Potential

Perpetrators are often the leaders of the community, secondary caregivers in a home, and have above average intelligence. They drop out of school, sometimes out of necessity, to provide for their family. They have criminal records that sometimes follow them for a lifetime, giving them few options for future sustainable life. One juvenile perpetrator can influence thirty other inner-city youth, thus increasing the impact of reaching these leaders.

Why should we care?

The Need for Intervention

Young positive leadership unlocks the potential of the inner city, curbs the perpetuation of violence and opens neighborhoods up to other community-based organizations.


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